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Hotline:15893887222(WeChat with number) 13373735333
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Hotline:15893887222(WeChat with number) 13373735333

  Xinxiang new stair co., LTD. Is a national professional attic staircase manufacture earlier research focused on the attic staircase、Production、Sales、Design、Construction and after-sales service in one of the professional company,Many times obtains the title of integrity manufacturers continuously10Annual sales of the first government industrial and commercial quality certificationISO9001Certification ten big brand attic staircase factory we will have a detailed quality assurance paper sheet,At the same time,All of the customer information,All of us entry into the new attic staircaseERPIn the system(AndCRM),When the customer needs to quality assurance,You just need to give at the time when ordering the names of the phone,New attic staircase manufacturers can find all the information to the customer in the system(Including but not limited to order time、The quality assurance of time、The stairs type、Design, etc)Company is equipped with shipping three days must reach all parts of the country。  Xinxiang new stair co., LTD. Forever to high-end quality for manufacturing standards,The main material adopt high strength steel,Door plank USES special insulation board,Surface electrostatic pensu,Experience is long cover is new,Can adjust step to adapt to the height,Patent riveting technology,The staircase......

  • Double support rubber bottom of the ladder,Non-slip does not hurt the floor。
  • Increase the bold armrest,Safe and convenient and more comfortable。
  • High strength increasingSBending,In thickness3MM,Security updates。
  • 140MMWiden the pedals,Go upstairs and downstairs safe and comfortable。


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