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·Constant embellish open days
·Constant embellish group building
·Constant embellish mechanical Thailand tour the 10th anniversary of the employees
·2017In zhanjiang hunan phoenix ancient constant embellish machinery co., LTD employees...
·Welcome to zhanjiang technology bureau,The south sea valley and other leaders to visit the visit
·China international aquatic product exposition6Held in zhanjiang
Zhanjiang constant embellish machinery co., LTD. Was established2006Years,Is guangdong evergreen group, a collection of research and development、Production and sale of feed machinery complete sets of equipment of high-tech enterprises,The annual output of more than3Hundred million yuan。The company has passed the certification of famous Swiss companySGS的ISO9001:2008Quality management system certification、The European UnionCECertification、2010In high and new technology enterprise。The existing staff400More...
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