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8Month22Day,Wuhan city planning committee held workshops,By examining the wuhan CBD core area of land16City planning solutions....
6Month11Monday morning,Wuhan city vice mayor wen-tong zhang with planning、Urban construction、Finance departments, head of the line,In the 7th world will military-transport hanjiang highway construction supervision wuhan inspection activities,The top center in wuhan and around87Layer...
For the implementation of Lou's chairman and wuhan municipal party committee secretary guo-qiang ma、The mayor met Zhou Xianwang spirit,Improve the central business district (CBD) of wuhan“Urban linkage、Coordinate”The working mechanism,6Month6Monday morning,The sea holding vice chairman、President Song Hongmou line, etc...

Wuhan center

Altogether88Layer438Meters high,Total surface36.14Ten thousand square,Smart office is set、The apartment、Five-star hotels such as multi-function as one of the5ABusiness combination。

Pan haicheng county square

The third phase of construction,Shopping center、The hotel、Serviced apartments、Office buildings、Residential building and cuisine street and the hotel, and other functions in one of the big new ecological urban commercial complex。

The sea international residential area

Total surface168Ten thousand square,The sakura sea garden、The perfume sea garden、LanHaiYuan、The big garden、Yue sea garden、The sea garden、Bamboo garden、GuiHaiYuan、Large non-success sea garden of high-end residential area。

International seaSOHOThe city

CBDCore portal,The total surface63Million square meters,SetSOHOOffice、Business for the integration of international universal business combination。

The underground space

rail traffi、The subway station、Central square、Underground commercial nest etc7A parts,Is a concentration of underground commercial、Cultural entertainment、The traffic、Infrastructure for the integration of large-scale underground complex。

Wangjiadun district park

Is located inCBDThe north,Covers an area of about12Million square meters,Four two slope mountain forest、Mountain park,Is to connect the start zone、Business is an important part of the core area of ecological corridor。

The dream ze lake park

The total area49.7Ha,The lake area23Ha,Planning for the lake island,The lake a dock,Near the shore is built around the part,Is one of the largest artificial water park in wuhan。

Red scarf elementary school

The total surface1.28Million square meters,By1Building4Layer of the building、1Building5Layers of student apartments and rain playground and other supporting facilities,Has been in2013In the Spring Festival begins。

The world trade center

Located in the core area on the west side,Total surface143.44Ten thousand square,Cover the office、The hotel、Business、Conference and exhibition、Residential forms, etc。

The sea international center

Is located in huaihai road and north baofeng road interchange,The total surface24.05Million square meters,By the people's livelihood financial center、Fairmont hotels、And China merchants bank tower3Layers of the commercial podium。

The sea entrepreneurship center

Is located in huaihai road and clouds road interchange,With ZhaoYin building、Wuhan people's livelihood financial centre on the other side of the street。Orientation for international5AClass a ecological landscape space,Altogether35Layer150Meters high。

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